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About Us



Venue Shuttle Services cc (VSS) was founded in 2000 by a Polish, South African professional racing driver Mr. Jarek Pochopien. He set up a professional company with the intention to improve the quality of tour operations and airport shuttle services in South Africa. The company began with only one car and then grew over the years and has now developed a into a professional luxury travel and tourism company with achievable viable potential. The company is continuously looking for opportunities to extend, but ensures that growth will not be at the expense of the quality.



The vision of VSS is to develop a strong and reliable airport shuttle and tour company that will operate not only in Johannesburg but also in Durban and Cape Town. VSS seeks to provide first class service to its clients and to promote the image of South Africa as an un-equalled tourist destination in the world. Opportunities for extension will not be avoided but the company will ensure that quality of the service remains number one.




Our approach is that of excellent service to our customer and quality that exceeds beyond our clients expectations. VSS have managed to sustain three (3) vehicles of exceptionally high quality so you can be rest assured that your journey and travel will an experience enjoy the comfort ride for the duration of your tour or travel.






My name is Jarek Pochopien and I am a South African Citizen


who emigrated from Poland in 1991.


After Graduating from University in Poland as a Mechanical
  Engineer. I worked in a Coal Mine in Poland as a Controller of

Methane Gas and Airflow Underground.


In 1984, I immigrated to Munich, Germany and worked as a


Production Manager in a Packaging Company for 5 years.


In 1989, I opened my own Import and Export Company in
  Munich, Germany and I was Exporting Electronic Equipment to



In 1991, I immigrated to South Africa and started working in a
  Packaging Engineering Company in Johannesburg as a
  Production Manager and Quality Controlling Manager.


In 1994, I started my own Real Estate Company selling

Residential Properties in South Africa.


In 2000 I opened my own transportation company named VSS

Personalised Transportation and Tours.


Because of my years of experience working with people, Iíve
  established a relationship, creating a good client database

throughout the country.


The rare level of success is attributed in part to the exceptional high level driving skills of Mr. Jarek Pochopien who is a self confident, creative innovator with a high level of commitment and focus to South Africa Tours as well as airport transportation.


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